Bad Company – Paperback!

Bad Company paperback

I finally got my proof copy in the mail! I did a little happy dance. Really. You can see I was so excited, I didn’t even take time to get my coat off.

I was able to do a physical perusal of the finished copy and signed it off for print and hit the lovely publish button. Pretty cool stuff for a newbie author. Wow, that still sounds weird.

I’ve been humbled by everyone’s support in this book and kind words. I’ve completed outlines to three new fiction books already and am excited to get started on them. Spoiler: only one of them is a Mal #2, the other two are new, exciting worlds. I’ll leak out more when I get into writing them.

A little tidbit about me: I’m an herbalist and I make all of the products in my house. It saves money, sure, but I also like making cleaning products, body butter, etc that isn’t full of chemicals. I’m putting together recipe booklets and will publish those as well.

Wow, publish one book and all of a sudden I’ve got a huge slew of things I’m working on. How did that happen?

Anyway, hope you’ve read it. If you did, hope you liked it. Leave a review if you did.

Leave a comment if you have any thoughts on Bad Company or future book ideas.

Love to all. Jen.