Bad Company: From the Casefiles of Detective ‘Mal’ Malone

3DWhen you’re a female private investigator in a city like Chicago, you don’t expect work to come easily for you. The rent isn’t cheap, but a girl has got to fund her ten-cup a day espresso reason-for-living.  

Stepping out on her own mid-training at the police academy, Detective ‘Mal’ Malone, a sassy baton-carrying redhead, spends her time working cases from theft, embezzlement, and the occasional cheating spouses, but only when money is tight. 

Running out of leads on a missing-persons case, Mal stumbles upon a serial arsonist. For the sake of the case, she has to work alongside an old flame, now a high-rising police detective. Between juggling cases, several cups of coffee and the attention of an attractive Fire Captain she finds she’s digging into some dangerous territory. 

Unearthing secrets within city politics and the local mafia lead to some menacing adversaries. Mal will need to lean on the help of some new friends, old friends and all of her wits to solve these cases.


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