Bad Company – Paperback!

Bad Company paperback

I finally got my proof copy in the mail! I did a little happy dance. Really. You can see I was so excited, I didn’t even take time to get my coat off.

I was able to do a physical perusal of the finished copy and signed it off for print and hit the lovely publish button. Pretty cool stuff for a newbie author. Wow, that still sounds weird.

I’ve been humbled by everyone’s support in this book and kind words. I’ve completed outlines to three new fiction books already and am excited to get started on them. Spoiler: only one of them is a Mal #2, the other two are new, exciting worlds. I’ll leak out more when I get into writing them.

A little tidbit about me: I’m an herbalist and I make all of the products in my house. It saves money, sure, but I also like making cleaning products, body butter, etc that isn’t full of chemicals. I’m putting together recipe booklets and will publish those as well.

Wow, publish one book and all of a sudden I’ve got a huge slew of things I’m working on. How did that happen?

Anyway, hope you’ve read it. If you did, hope you liked it. Leave a review if you did.

Leave a comment if you have any thoughts on Bad Company or future book ideas.

Love to all. Jen.


Bad Company is live! (E-book only for now)

The e-book version of my new book, Bad Company, just went live last night. I’m so very excited! It’s been so much work to get each piece of this accomplished that it felt sort of surreal to see it on Amazon.

The paperback version should be available in a week or so.

This has been a long time in the making. It’s amazing how many pieces have to be completed before you get to publishing. I’m glad it’s finally here!

I already have a short book in the works, The Art of Living Seasonally. It’s a bit of a inspirational book that has ideas to help you live a little closer to nature. Kind of a passion project of mine.

I also have several book outlines that I’d like to write. One would be a continuation of Mal’s story, a paranormal book and another mystery, maybe with a bit more romance.

Let me know what you think. I’m excited to hear.


This is Jen, and I’m just pleased as whiskey that you’re here. I would be pleased as punch, but who really likes punch? ‘Sides, whiskey is so much better.

I just finished what I think will be the final draft of my first novel. I’m currently working with a graphic designer to get a super cool cover. Can’t wait for the first review so I can share it with everyone.

By everyone, I mean my sister and my husband. I doubt I have any other followers. But hey, you gotta start somewhere and I love my fans. You two are the best! 🙂 ha.

I have tweaked the synopsis and will be adding it to my Books page. I’ll keep updating that page with cover art and the link to Amazon when it’s finally up for order.

So you don’t have to click, I’m adding the synopsis right here. See how nice I am?


When you’re a female private investigator in a city like Chicago, you don’t expect the work to come easily for you.

Washing out of the police academy, Detective ‘Mal’ Malone, a sassy baton-carrying redhead, spends her time working cases from theft, embezzlement, and the occasional cheating spouses, but only when money is tight.

Running out of leads on a missing persons case, Mal stumbles upon a serial arsonist. Between juggling cases, several cups of very good coffee and the attentions of an attractive fire caption, she finds she’s digging into some dangerous territory.

Unearthed secrets within city politics and the local mafia lead to some menacing adversaries. Mal will need to lean on the help of some new friends, old friends and all of her wits to solve these cases.


Come on, you know you want more! I’m hoping to have it up for sale in April/May 2019. It will be available as a Kindle eBook and paperback format. Bookmark this page if you want to know more.